Who am I?

Hi! I am Burak Ergül.

I’m trying to perceive the world and life in an architectural perspective. I see the existence of everything around me as designed compositions. Buildings, goals in sport matches, portraits, meals, every kind of products, even happenings are just compositions according to my perception. That’ s why, I’m writing my thoughts about architecture, existence, and universe.

And beside of seeking the essence of existence, I’ m trying to study architecture school. The school sometimes satisfies me, sometimes it seems like an obstacle in front of me. That’s why, I feel myself enough experienced to write about school tips.

I’m passionate about meaningful travels. That means not just for wasting time, but means perceiving the universe with more dimensions. So, I’m writing about my trips.

When I was young I used to build buildings from the game cards. Since that day, One of my biggest goals is to leave a mark on the world. To design beautiful buildings around world, I’m studying scrumptiously designed buildings of architects. I believe that the best way to understand something is to express it. That’s why, I’m writing about buildings and architects.

In this journey, I wanted to share my thoughts and studies with you; and also, document this journey that maybe will last through the years. Finally, I would like to state that, all writings of me are open to discussion, and I would be very honoured to discuss about them. I’m sure I will learn a lot from you.