Acrylic for Architects

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What is the Acrylic?

Acrylic is an acid name and also means a polymer that the result of acrylic acid polymerisation. Acrilic resin is derived from acrylic polymers. Acrylic resin is one of the most common sealer options for grounds.

Where to use Acrylic?

  1. Sport Court Coating (Tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball, bicycle road etc.)
  2. Factories
  3. Roof Coating
  4. Some kind of factories
  5. Kitchen Cupboard Covering

Types of Acrylic

There are no specific acrylic sealer types. Hovewer, acrylic is just a general term that means a liquid that consists the acrylic polymer. Therefore, acrylic sealer’ s content could be change according to producers and their production systems.


  • Esthetics, Lots of colour option
  • Durable towards abrasion : that’ s why acrylic is being used on sport court grounds.
  • Easy cleaning, because it is smooth and monolithic
  • Durable towards UV rays, rains, heat : that’ s why, acrlyic can be used in open spaces like sport courts and roofs.
  • Nonskid surface : that’ s why acrylic is being used on sport court grounds.
  • Breathability(allow moisture to escape)
  • Relatively cheap solution than alternatives.


  • Unnatural substance, therefore, could be unhealthy.
  • Require reapplication more often than its alternatives.

How to apply Acrylic?

Firsty, if the ground is asphalt, it would be great for a perfect result. Hovewer, you can apply acrylic on concrete ground too. But when the ground is concrete, you should first prepare the concrete. If you don’ t prepare it, when a crack arised it would crash the acrylic layer too.

Akrilik kaplama metrekare maliyeti hakkında fikir edinmek için tıklayınız. Bu sitenin ve fiyatların benimle hiçbir alakası yoktur.

Examples from Projects


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Research Sources


Dictionary (English to Turkish)

Acrylic: Akrilik Acid: Asit Polymer: Polimer Polymerisation: Polimerizasyon Resin: Reçine Sealer, Coating: Kaplama Liquid: Sıvı Abrasion: Aşınma Smooth: Sürekli Monolithic: Yekpare Nonskid surface: Kaydırmaz yüzey Breathability: Binanın nefes alabilmesi(ortam neminin dengelenmesi) Moisture: Nem Substance: Madde Reapplication: Yenileme Crack: Çatlak


By the way, you are not confusing the acrylic and epoxy sealers, right? If so,  tap here and learn the epoxy sealer too.

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