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The Importance of Collage and Diagram

   Bu yazıyı Türkçe okumak için sayfayı aşağı kaydırabilirsiniz.    Collages and diagrams are recording and reminder tools in a way. With them, we freeze our ideas that emerged in our mind and to be able to remind them, we transform them to the form of collage or diagram. So,...

Architecture in Around: Sports

Architecture in Around: Sport

   Bu yazıyı Türkçe okumak için sayfayı aşağı kaydırabilirsiniz.    All we have some hobbies like sport, literature, travelling, music, cuisines.. So, that means we already doing architecture, we are closely connected with it. In this article, we will try to let the architecture out from the definition of ‘designing...

Best Advices for Designing Architectural Project

Four Advices to Design Your Project by Enjoying

You are working on an architectural  project, and time for detailing closing in. Still, are you not pleasant with your ideas? That is the problem, and this article will give you 4 advices to design your project better, just read and apply these awesomely useful 4 tips. Bu yazıyı arkaplanlı...

Urban Corridor

Urban Corridor for İstanbul

Project Name: Urban Corridor for İstanbul Location: İstanbul, Turkey Project Type: Competition Project Consultants: Öğr. Gör. Dr. Çiğdem Eren Demirel, Adem Karasu Designer: Abdullah Beyazıtoğlu, Burak Ergül, Semih Yılmaz  

Model Museum

An Architectural Model Museum

Project Name: An Architectural Model Museum Location: Karaköy, İstanbul, Turkey Project Type: Studio Project Coordinator of Studio: Prof. Dr. Belkıs Uluoglu Designer: Burak Ergül